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Thanks for stopping by! We won’t bore you with too much text, frankly, we’d rather meet in person! If you’re looking to broaden your Public Relations or communications, we think we should talk. If you’d like to hear more, let’s meet for coffee and cake. We LOVE cake…

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Who Are We?

Servicing the video game industry.

Big Boy PR is an agency for companies who hate agencies. Consumer tech is highly specialised and extremely competitive with a network all of its own - we can access that network and that’s why we started Big Boy PR.

At Big Boy PR we keep things simple. Big Ideas, big results, full accountability and low prices. If you think a great agency costs the earth, well, you haven’t spoken to Big Boy PR…


Client Base

We love our clients and couldn’t achieve the results we do if we didn’t. They range from companies with less than five staff, to the largest independent TV production company to the world. Each client receives a tailored service.

Endemol Shine and BeyondLucidSoundBespoke Arcades


Some of our services

We can develop the perfect media reach service for your business

Retained PR

Let us be your virtual PR staff member. We’ll integrate fully into your team (even work from your offices should you wish) in a way a traditional agency never would, and if you don’t like what we do, well, you can switch off our services with very little notice. No risk, plenty of reward.

Short Term Project Work

Not every company needs ongoing PR support. You might be bringing a game to market and be shorthanded. Perhaps you need that extra little extra push in bringing your gaming keyboard to market? Whether it’s 30 days or 30 months, we’re sure we can help…

Pitching & Presenting

Having the right product is sadly not enough these days. Communication is in our DNA. Some of our clients ask us to accompany them to vendor meetings and trade shows (How many agencies do you know who will do that?!). We’re as comfortable in front of global buyers as we are in front of the media and indeed the public.

Advice and Consultancy

If you’d like to use our industry skills, knowledge and contact database to plan a strategy, or as a shoulder to lean on, we’re happy to lend our support. We’ve helped various kick-starters bring their product to market and like to think we can offer some sound advice.


We are able to offer the most comprehensive Press and social listening services to our client base, with detailed quarterly reports or instantaneous snapshots of media coverage.

Event Representation

We're hardly shrinking violets, so if you need us to stand on stage telling the world how great your products are - we're there. We can bring the world's tech press to your products and create an army of well-informed opinion leaders.

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